Top Blog Reads of the Week

As I read blogs each day I keep track of posts I want to share with you guys and will occasionally post them on the weekends.

Why is there an impulse to blame victims in the face of tragedy – Kristen Howerton on
Totally admit that when I first read the news stories I too wondered what some of these young kids were doing at a midnight showing. Which of course is so NOT the point. Love Kristen’s thoughts here on how it somehow makes it seem less likely to happen to us if we can point out some weird circumstance that would mean we would never be in that situation.

When You Don’t Like Your Child at One Thankful Mom MAKE SURE TO READ THE COMMENTS
I want to share that in the most difficult times, it is a very real struggle for me to maintain the feelings of liking.  As parents, we feel so much shame when we don’t have loving feelings toward our children — even as I’m typing this I find myself afraid to say it publicly.

The Giving Tree…Thoughts on Giving Til Your Useless at The Voice of Adventure
You know the book – the little boy takes and takes from the tree. It’s sweet – unless you look at it from this new perspective.

The Big D in Adoption – When It All Falls Apart at The Voice of Adventure
Angel nails another one. I admit I used to be really judgmental of people who disrupted too. Love Angel’s perspective on this.

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