Easy, no-risk jewelry fundraiser for adoptions

Several weeks ago at the Together for Adoption conference I had the chance to meet Rebekah Blocher and her husband Matt. Their exhibit table was right next to mine and so we got to talking about her jewelry and how families can use it as a fundraiser. I’ve got to tell you that I LOVE it!

Rebekah makes beautiful handmade ceramic jewelry – necklaces and bracelets. Each one has a scripture reference engraved on the back. She has a heart for adoption and missions and so she’s created a great opportunity to sell her jewelry as a fundraiser.

It’s super simple!

  • When you contact here she will mail you a bag of 20 necklaces (miscellaneous styles) – the only upfront cost is the shipping.
  • You sell the necklaces for $24.
  • In 30 days she will PayPal you an invoice for $240 – that’s $12 per necklace. You keep a profit of $12 per necklace.
  • If you haven’t finished selling your bag, Rebekah will give you more time to pay the invoice.
  • If you have unsold jewelry when you’re done with your fundraiser, you return it to her and owe nothing on those pieces.
  • You can sell the jewelry using ANY avenue except for Etsy.com. So Facebook, blog, craft fairs – all of that is game.
  • Keep ordering jewelry a bag at a time as long as you want to offer it.

At the conference Rebekah had bags already made up, so I took one and decided I’d use it to raise funds for The Adventure Project. While I was traveling and speaking the next couple of weeks I mentioned Rebekah’s jewelry and had some samples out for families to look at. I sold 3 without even trying.

A few nights ago I posted them on Facebook and sold 7 more within an hour.

This is a great time to do a jewelry fundraiser as people are looking for Christmas gifts. There are lots of craft fairs and holiday bazaars this time of year as well.

Contact Rebekah for more information.

Visit her website.

I have several necklaces still available for sale to benefit the hunger project from The Adventure Project. You can see the Facebook album here. If you want one, just mark SOLD in the comments and I’ll give you instructions for payment.

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